Transporting Pianos

משפחה עוברת דירה


Moving pianos easily with a smile

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Piano transport is us!

Looking for reliable and professional piano leads?

Moving piano is our mission.

It is very difficult to professionally carry a heavy piano that can weigh up to 450 kg. This is a difficult task that requires a great deal of responsibility and skill. One mistake of suffering can lead to unprecedented damage to your piano.

We carry pianos all over the country!

You call us, give us the piano model (not required), give us information about the piano location and the desired destination. Is there a freight elevator in the building or is there not. We give you a price for performing piano transfer and determine the convenient time for you.

As we decide we will reach you, we will remove the piano and load it into the vehicle. Arriving at the destination, we unload the piano from the truck and take it to the apartment to its new location. We guarantee you full responsibility for piano transport, regardless of floor height and distance.

How is piano transport done?

First of all we pack the piano with packaging material and only then gently lower it by long strips extending from the bottom. And car loaders. We tie the piano with strong straps to the truck’s bottom.

What is the price of piano transport?

The distance traveled, the weight of the piano, the height of the floor in the building, is there a piano freight elevator in the building, is there no suitable elevator and it is necessary to lower or mount it on foot.

Also if you have a piano that you want to get rid of, we will come and clear it.

Call us now we will explain and detail everything.

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