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Packing for moving – all the tips

Moving to a new apartment requires from us to take our current life, put it into boxes and carry it to a new location. Before we arrive to a new destination, we will need to pack up our home and it is crucial for us to do it properly and efficiently. For this purpose, we have rounded up the best packing hacks:

Packing your home can be carried out by specialists as well as household members. The following tips will help avoid ruptured boxes, scattering and breakage of items and will make your move swift and efficient.

Packing materials for an apartment move

Waiting for the last minute is not recommended anyway, especially when it comes to an apartment move. Two months prior to the move, make sure you have packing supplies, in fact here is the list of what you might need along the way:

  • Cartons and packging boxes – choose quality cartons and moving boxes, better of similar size. Use small cartons for heavy items, like books, and large cartons for light things, preferably take the size that will make moving smoother. Read our related article on cartons for an apartment move.
  • Bubble wrap – better put fragile items into a box padded with a bubble cushion and not newsprint paper which does not always protect the contents and is actually messy.
  • Packing tape is used for sealing cartons and sometimes for inner packing, like wrapping fragile items with bubble cushion.
  • Vacuum bags – put blankets, pillows and even clothes into vacuum bags.
  • Plastic wrap is used for dressers and cabinets. It keeps drawers from falling out and doors from breaking open. Plastic wrap should better be applied over a packing tape because it might leave unflattering residue on the furniture.

Reasonable weight distribution

Though movers can lift heavyweight items, nevertheless, overloading a large carton is not the right thing to do. You can disperse weight by breaking up books, for instance, across several cartons and combine heavy items with light ones in a single box. Of course, preferably all the contents should belong to one area of your home to avoid scattering.

In addition, we recommend you to keep the packed cartons in their designated area not to forget anything in the rooms.

Secure the bottom of the box

It is good to ensure every box or carton has a solid and sturdy bottom. Even new cartons may easily crash down under the weight of contents, that’s why use a packaging tape to strengthen the bottom. Proper packing will protect the items and ensure a seamless move without delays.

Labelling packing boxes & cartons

Efficient labelling of boxes/cartons may help along the way and during unloading. Each box should only contain items from the same room, do not divide them among the cartons to facilitate the unloading process.

Remember the following principles of box labelling:

  • Mark all sides of the box/carton on its upper part
  • Write the contents and its destination (what room it belongs to)
  • Do not forget to point out “fragile” if there are breakable items in the carton
  • Number your boxes with an ordinal number, so during unpacking you will know that all cartons were moved and none of them was left behind.

Packing for moving schedule

  • Two months before the move – it is time to purge the items that won’t go to a new house and start gathering the packing supplies.
  • A month before the move – it is time to start packing things and equipment that is not used on a daily basis and won’t be needed soon.
  • Two weeks before the move – it is time to pack items like some books, off-season clothing and things you can tick along without in the near future.
  • A week up to three days before the move – it is time to pack up a suitcase you will use during the moving process and pack up all belongings and equipment into the boxes.

Packing valuables for moving

It is recommended to keep expensive items aside and transport them by yourself or notify the person responsible for the move about the valuables and where they are placed. If it is about small items like jewellery, there are no concerns to take them by car. If there is an expensive painting or a sculpture, it is important to let us know of it in advance so that we could think together how to move the work of art undamaged.

Packing for moving services

It is worth considering hiring a moving company that includes packing services. Our “Update Hovalot” company specializes on packing, disassembling furniture, transportation and assembling. Instead of looking for packing supplies and cartons prior to the move, wasting your precious time on packing and living “out of a suitcase” for a while, our white-glove team can do everything for you professionally and with much love to ensure the whole process of moving goes easier and simpler.

The pros of hiring a packing team for an apartment move

In UPDATE HOVALOT we bring our huge experience in moving, disassembling and packing. Our specialists treat every object and item like their own, they pack up efficiently, disassemble each piece of furniture to assemble it easily after the move to ensure the moving process is swift, efficient and simple.

We offer comprehensive packing services to ensure the moving experience is seamless and pleasant – just move with a smile.

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