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Moving boxes: all you need to know about them

One thing we all need when planning an apartment move is moving boxes and moving cartons to pack up our equipment. Use the right size boxes, sturdy enough to keep the belongings, and not less important, fold them closed and seal them properly. In this article, you will learn what cartons and boxes are good for moving, where to get them, and we will share some tips for a smart pack.

How to choose packing boxes?

Prior to an apartment move, we strive to choose cartons that will fit the size of items you will put inside, besides the boxes should be resistant and sturdy to get everything set up properly.

On the one hand, we do not want to choose too small cartons to avoid a redundant number of packages and small boxes, on the flip side, we won’t use too large cartons that can be difficult to transport and move from one location to another considering their weight when they are full.

  1. Choosing boxes that are easy to lift when they are full.
  2. It is important to have small boxes for compact bottles, cosmetics, and tiny items (small boxes fit more for packing tiny things, therefore, they won’t “get lost” inside large boxes).
  3. Whole cardboard boxes without rips – do not use torn cartons because they can tear more.

The rule of thumb says that at least 15% of moving cartons and moving boxes have to be small, intended for bath products, cosmetics, jewelry, kids’ toys, important documents, some part of them might be moved by your car, thus, they are easy to lift and move from one location to another.

The rest of cartons intended for other home items would better be of medium and large size.

What are the types of moving boxes that are good for packing?

We frequently asked about what types of moving boxes is good for packing and how much cartons will I need, so we prepared some data that could help you to organize:

Type of
the box
Common SizesDescription

Max. Weight

Suitable for

Single corrugated carton

40X40X60, 33X40X50, 30X35X50

Thin-walled carton18-20 KGLight contents, maps, bedding and more
Two corrugated carton30X35X45Thick-walled carton35-40 KGBooks, heavy items and more
Corrugated cartonCylinder: length 40-50 meters / width 1-1.2 metersA thin-walled carton rollNo LimitUsed for packing furniture
Three-corrugated cartonAvailable in a variety of sizesExtremely strong cartonNo LimitExtremely heavy or particularly sensitive products

Free moving boxes cartons for an apartment move? Where to find them?

Packing boxes: recycling

We at UPDATE MOVING believe in recycling, thus, we recycle cartons and also recommend our clients to do this. There are several ways to find packing boxes for an apartment move.

The first option is absolutely free. Approach the nearest curbside recycling bin, supermarkets and shopping malls and simply look for the boxes you need. It is important to select whole cartons that can be closed, their size should be suitable for what we want to store in there.

This option is the most eco-friendly because it does not require additional manufacturing. The next way to find free cardboard boxes is to ask local businesses (a grocery or any other store that receives boxes from vendors) whether they can keep cartons for us after they unload the goods.

Another option is to enter a Facebook page that has posts of different locations where you can find free cartons, also names and phone numbers of people that give away packing boxes because they have moved already and do not need them anymore.

Purchase second-hand packaging boxes at a nominal fee

In addition, we offer you to purchase used boxes & cartons at a nominal fee. Generally, they are in good shape and we can enjoy the best of both worlds – efficient recycling at a relatively low cost.

Purchase new packing boxes

If you did not find cartons neither at the curbside recycling bin, nor second-hand, it seems that the only option left for you is to buy new packaging boxes, even if they cost more. If we choose this way to move, later we will be able to sell them at the second-hand and get at least a certain part of our investment back.

Those who are eager to purchase new packing boxes, you are welcome to contact us. We got a special discount from leading cartons suppliers that offer high-quality products.

Contact us and we will be glad to help you find a solution if you go for used and recycled boxes.

In conclusion, three tips for a smart packing

When it comes to packing, both boxes in which items will be placed, the right way you put them inside and protect them are important. Follow the next advice and it will be beneficial for us during packing, transportation and unloading:

  1. Match the contents with the box. As we said, small cardboard boxes for small items, match the size of a box with the size of items that will be put inside.
  2. Don’t overload – loading a box too much may cause its and contents damage or break. Avoid putting too many books into a box, especially placing light items alongside with heavy stuff. Remember that we might also want to move the boxes from one place to another that is why they have to be of reasonable weight.
  3. Protect what needs to be protected – you can use a bubble cushion or a kitchen towel or find any other solution to protect expensive and fragile items. Here if you decide to pack up yourself, we’ll be glad to recommend you the right place to buy bubble cushions and any other packing materials.

Of course, that said, the article won’t be interesting for you if you decide to use our packing service. Our professional team will come to your place on a move day with packaging boxes, wrapping paper and all the rest to ensure an easy and successful relocation.

To be a constantly recommended moving company is a great responsibility – we offer you to look through the accolades to make you feel sure that you came to the right place. The reviews speak for themselves.

Our moving teams are at your service, we will be glad to provide you with professional and careful services, as we say – moving apartments with a smile!

Lots of luck! UPDATE HOVALOT team.

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