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The Update Ovalot – move with professionals!

The Update Ovalot is a leading moving company in Israel

We are a moving services provider company and we perceive our work as a mission. This is why we are very strict about quality and professionalism. Our goal is to provide each customer with the moving service best for his/her particular needs, keep up with schedule and handle properly all the gentle items. We have four moving trucks and four crews of sturdy and experienced movers so we can provide each customer with high quality moving service everywhere (all over the country) to expertly complete your move.

Services in accordance with the customer needs

We at the Update Ovalot fully understand how important is the role of the mover handling personal belongings that are not just objects but dear memories of moments and times. We keep in our arms valuable items or musical instruments – the objects that need a special care to avoid any damage. In order to do so the mover crews of the Update Ovalot handle every object in the place gently and carefully and use appropriate devices and techniques for moving special and fragile objects. Whether it is an office, whole apartment or just one single object to be moved, our people handle your stuff with full attention required and ensure that all the items reach the destination safely without damage. Below is a list of the services we provide:

  • Residential moves
  • Piano moves
  • Assembling/disassembling furniture
  • Office relocations
  • Transportation of electrical appliances – refrigerators, washing machines and dryers
  • Single item moves – beds, closets, dining sets, buffets, etc.

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Update Ovalot Fleet of Trucks

We have four moving trucks operated by four experienced mover crews who are fully equipped to expertly move your stuff all over the country. Thanks to that, the Update Ovalot can manage short notice moves or cancellations from other Ovalot – we can always find a solution that would enable the move on the scheduled date.

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Professional and Polite Service

We at the Update Ovalot believe that moving is a business for professionals. This is why we employ professional and skilled crews able to handle each particular item properly to ensure a safe move. We also believe that business approach, polite attitude and smiling faces of the movers are an integral part of service the customer deserves. Therefore, we treat each customer as a VIP. Flexibility, creativity and ability to find a proper solution to every need – these are key components to quality professional service.

We make all effort to find each customer a solution that is the best for his particular needs. For us, success is a safe move on schedule and a satisfied customer who is able to enjoy his new place because all his possessions arrived undamaged.

Satisfied Customers

In all these years of operation, the company has provided services to countless satisfied customers, some of them have left reviews and comments on the testimonial page. We invite you to join the club of satisfied customers and use the services of the Update Ovalot.

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Wise move is to move with professionals!

Moving an apartment means a new page in your life and the best way to start it on the right foot is to hire professional movers. The Update Ovalot promise you nice and smooth opening of this new page providing you with responsible professional service. To order a move, fill in the contact form on the website; you can also add photos or videos of the stuff that has to be moved. In order to get more details or to set a time for your move, please contact us on the website, or on Facebook, or by phone 052-618-1826. We will be happy to answer any question and request!

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