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Packing and moving: all you need to know

Packing yourself or hire a moving company to pack your belongings? The answer to this question is, of course, individual – but in the article below you will find the points that are important for you to know before you make the decision.

An apartment move is overwhelming but not always simple. You will have to deal with various things, specialists and tasks, definitely, there will be days when you find yourself swamped with forms and red tape, notifying suppliers of change of address, paying the bills, planning out commuting to your workplace, school for kids, etc.

Alongside all these aspects, there is still the primary issue of relocation: moving all the items that we want to bring with us from an old household so that we can keep using them in a new apartment, and prior to this, careful and proper packing of possessions, a perfect combination called packing and moving.

Generally, most items that we will want to pack up and move to a new apartment will include furniture, home appliances, clothing, books, pictures, ornaments (like sculptures and flower pots), toys, sports equipment, hobby-related items, etc. Primarily, due to a huge number of things you need to take care of during the move to a new apartment, it is more crucial to choose a packing and moving company you can rely on. Only this way you will know that packing of items and their transportation is in good hands, and you won’t need to worry that important pieces might be damaged.

A professional, dedicated and experienced moving company will ensure the moving of your precious belongings sticks to the schedule, so that no piece is left behind and all that is packed arrives safely and is placed in a way that will let us set everything swiftly and easily to return to our routine in a new apartment.

However, how to choose a packing and moving company that will take care of your precious belongings and ensure they wait for you at a new destination that you hope to call “home” shortly? How to pack things efficiently as the move day is coming closer, and what is principal for you to know before you hire a packing and moving company? And not less important – how much are you going to pay for moving with or without packing, and whether the costs vary significantly while choosing your moving company?

You will find the answers to these questions in a guide below. In addition, things to consider, tips and points that are important to remember when you select a packing and moving company that will accompany you to your new home free of worries about packing and moving, to enable you to focus on other issues a complex transition might require.

אריזה הובלה ופריקה של מקרר במהלך הובלת דירה בכפר סבא ע"י חברת אפדייט הובלות
Packing and moving a refrigerator during an apartment move in Kfar Saba carried out by the Update Hovalot company
אריזה של פסנתר כחלק מהובלת דירה בראשון לציון ע"י חברת אפדייט הובלות
Packing a piano as a part of moving an apartment in Rishon LeZion carried out by the Update Hovalot company
אריזה והובלה של דירה ברמת גן
Packing and moving an apartment in Ramat Gan
שירות אריזה והובלה במהלך מעבר דירה בכפר סבא
Packing and moving services during an apartment move in Kfar Saba

To pack yourself or hire a packing and moving company?

If you plan to move an apartment soon, you are probably on the fence trying to figure out whether to pack all the belongings you want to move with you yourself, or maybe make it easier, pay more and get help with packing from a moving company. There are few things to consider before you make this decision: proper packing reduces the risks of damages to important goods during the move. Surely, we may pack ourselves, however, this option is recommended only when we move a small or standard amount of things, not the items that are difficult to transport, are exceedingly breakable or bulky; if we have experience in packing and enough time to carry out this task. In addition, we need to have a simple and beneficial way to purchase or find boxes and other supplies that will be necessary for packing (like large rolls of cling film, bubble wrap, duct tape, Styrofoam, etc).

It is important to remember that days before the move will be busy and it may be difficult to find time to pack up properly. Also consider that if we pack up ourselves, the moving company will not be liable for possible damages as the result of flimsy packing.

Moving companies are ready to provide professional packing services, it is recommended to entrust the moving company with the packing process if we want everything to be packed up properly to avoid unwanted damages. It is also important to point out that a moving team will pack up quicker than us, they will provide the necessary supplies and we will not have to handle all of it on our own and be able to concentrate on other important move-related issues.

How long does it take to pack up an apartment?

If you are planning to do your own packing, be aware that it will take a lot of time. To pack a two-room apartment may take a day, to pack a three-room apartment –  two days, to pack a four-room apartment will take around a week and with larger apartments you need to start two or three weeks before the move day. The packing and moving company will pack for you much faster. It is important for a moving company representative to visit your home and together you will make a list of what needs to be packed. At this stage you will also deal on the final price because only then the scope of work can be accurately estimated. It is extremely important to clear up both to you and to the representative what each party is responsible for, you may reduce costs if you tackle some of the issues yourself. To facilitate the efficient moving process and prevent delays, make sure to carry out well what you are responsible for.

How can you know the number of boxes you need to pack up before the move?

Representatives of professional moving companies know how to estimate the contents of your apartment with you, they will listen to what you want to be packed and transported and then calculate accurately the number of boxes of each size and discuss what other packing supplies you might need. If you wish to pack yourself, consult with a moving company representative who will tell you what you need to handle. You should find out whether you can purchase bargain-priced boxes and other packing supplies from a packing and moving company. On average, you will need around 70 boxes to pack up the contents of a four-room apartment.

 What factors into costs for packing and moving services?

The price for packing depends on the number of boxes and characteristics of items that have to be packed. If you do not have things that require special care, are extremely fragile, have irregular shape that makes packing more complicated or items that will be taken apart into many pieces, then the average box price will be 30 NIS. Packing apartment contents into 80 cartons will cost around 2,400 NIS.

Moving costs are also determined by the number of boxes and their size, the distance between an old apartment and a new destination, the location of apartments (the price for moving to or from distant settlements is higher), crane or forklift services, the complexity of loading and unloading (for example, availability of a comfortable and large enough elevator) and so on. The prices might also differ depending on the season because in summer the demand for packing and moving services grows. To provide you with the scope of work estimate, packing and moving of a four-room apartment between two cities in the centre of Israel with a comfortable elevator in both buildings will cost around 8,000 NIS.

All you need to know about packing and moving companies – how to choose a good one?

If you choose a good packing and moving company, you may be sure that in the end of the move all items you took with you from an old apartment will be shipped undamaged, will be put in your new home the way  you will find it easy to organize and use them again very soon. It is recommended to get a quote from several reputable companies, ask for reviews, meet the company’s representative, make the list of items that need to be packed and moved, figure out regarding insurance and liability coverage that the company offers. After you get the information, take into consideration the costs as well, include all variables and select accordingly. To ensure a smooth, hassle and worry-free move, it is important to find common ground with representatives of the packing and moving company you chose.

And the most crucial element – recommendations. If you found us, probably due to a warm recommendation from your friends. Most of the families we moved apartments for came to us via recommendations. If you found us on the Internet, you are welcome to check up hundreds of accolades to believe that you found a reliable, professional, white-glove moving company that turns your move day into a pleasant experience, as we say, move an apartment with a smile.

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