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משפחה עוברת דירה


Moving apartments easily with a smile

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Moving tips: All the important highlights, all the related articles

Good communication with the moving company is the key to quality and pleasant moving, so it is very important that we know how to talk to each other to avoid surprises along the way. At “Update Hovalot”, we communicate with dozens of customers every day and we decided to pick up the gauntlet and gather in one place all the tips for moving apartment and this time… What is the important information to transfer to the moving company to get an accurate quote – enter the full article.

זוג שמח אורז דירה לפני מעבר למקום חדש

The tips that will make moving an apartment a more fun experience

The most important thing for us at “Update Hovalot” is that you will be the most satisfied in the world. We are aware of the fact that moving an apartment is a stressful thing and that is why we make every effort to help our customers enjoy the day of moving

אריזה והובלה של דירה לפני הובלה

Everything important to know about packaging and transportation

It is possible to pack the house ourselves, before the transport and it is possible to order a transport company that will also perform the packaging during the transport. How long does it take to pack an apartment? How many cartons do you need to pack an apartment? And more – everything in the article

טיפים למעבר דירה עם מנוף הרמה

Tips for moving apartment with crane services

Think you need crane services to move the apartment? Enter the article to read all the important tips on the subject, what should you do before? How to choose the right moving company with a crane and more – all in the article

רשימת טיפים למעבר דירה

Planning to move apartment? Our list of tips that will try to put you in order

In the following article you will find our tips for all the things to do before moving, the to-do list for anyone planning to move apartment. Read on, get some more ideas for things you may have forgotten …. Most importantly, with proper planning, it is simple and possible to move into an apartment with a smile. Lots and lots of success!

Everyone who moves apartment reaches a stage where they are looking for moving cartons and packing boxes for packing the equipment before the day of moving. In this article you will find important tips for everything  related to cartons and packaging  boxes for moving house

Preliminary planning of moving an office is the key to maintaining a routine until the last minute and getting back to it quickly. How to properly plan the transfer of the office? All the tips for the transition in the article.

טיפים להובלות דירה

What are the considerations in determining the price of moving an apartment? All the tips and information on the subject

We decided to address the question that everyone is asking: how much does it cost to move an apartment? In this article we will explain what are the components that affect the price we get from the moving company


In the following article you will find packing for moving house tips – moving in correctly and efficiently – just move easily

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