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Make a video of your apartment contents to obtain a precise moving quote before the move

We help people move every day. This is our specialty. That’s why we trust ourselves, it is the fastest and the most reliable way to get an accurate moving quote. It will take only 3-5 minutes and we will be able to present you with a precise moving estimate.

How to film a video of your home contents properly:

  1. Start the phone camera at the entrance to your apartment and walk through your home, explain to us what items are going and which of them won’t be moving. Imagine us walking with you.
  2. Film the items in all the rooms and say clearly what belongings will move to a new apartment and what things will be left behind.
  3. Don’t forget to film a living room, a balcony, a storage area (if you have it), a service balcony, a garden or other spaces where you have items.

For example: when you film the items that are in the living room, tell us what items will be moved. For instance, sofas, a table, a TV and what things you want to leave behind (i.e. it is important for us to understand whether you filmed the whole area of the living room, what items are to be moved and which will be left behind).

*It is important to film cabinets, which of them are going and which are not moving.

  1. Film the elevator.
  2. Make a short video of the staircase.
  3. We also recommend you to film the path from the elevator to the lobby and then to the potential parking spot of the moving truck.

What do you do when the video is ready?

Send the recorded video to us either via our quote page or via WhatsApp to our number 0547428080.

Attention! If you send it via WhatsApp, the video may be cut, you need to complete the missing part and send it to us!

Why is it worth making a video to get a quote for your move?

One of the reasons why everybody who moves with us smiles after everything is settled is because we work with no surprises. Agree that the most annoying thing that might happen is when movers come to your home and out of the blue drop phrases like:

  • “How come you did not mention there was no elevator?”
  • “Wait, there are much more items than we thought there would be when we told you the price”.
  • “How come you did not mention you had so many boxes and equipment?”

So to avoid the hassle, to ensure that the quote you got is final with no surprises on the way for the fairness of both parties.

All we ask for is to record a short video and send it to our Fanny, she will watch the footage and present you with an accurate moving quote with no surprises.

We wish you an easy and pleasant relocation, move with a smile!

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