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Are you looking for a professional house moving company?

The Update Ovalot is a leading company in the moving business in Israel.

We move houses, apartments, offices, furniture, electrical appliances, pianos and small items, we disassemble and assemble furniture, we pack and move, move and store, etc. We provide a fast and reliable high quality service at reasonable prices with full responsibility.

Are you looking for a moving company in your area?

Every company that offers moving services takes on responsibility and the risk of troubles with owner of the belongings to be moved. After all, it is a very complex procedure: packing and wrapping furniture, proper loading on trucks, moving stuff into new premises, unpacking / unwrapping furniture and putting it in right places, removing waste at the end of transportation.

At first sight, you can think there is nothing difficult or complicated about the moving process, but take into consideration that irresponsible or unskilled movers can damage your possessions. This is why the demand for “different” moving companies has been increasing in recent years.

Here on our site you can see for yourself the difference between professional and unprofessional moving company. First, we offer you reasonable prices for all our services. Second, we offer you a professional moving service by well-trained movers who know how to pack properly your home or office furniture, move and load it in a right way, move things in, unpack and put in a right place. Third, we know what we offer and what does it take to do, so your relocation will go under the best command in order to achieve the best results. We at the Update Ovalot will help to make your move smooth and easy, fast and professional with no problems and delays.


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