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“Update Moving” – Professional moving furnitures services

Transportation of all types of furniture, office furniture, furniture for apartments and villas, furniture furniture. Professional Furniture Transport – Furniture Disassembly – Professional Furniture Assembly – Luxury Furniture Transport – Antique Transport – Professional Access

Phone: 054-742-80-80

Moving furniture – The more complicated process when moving an apartment. Each type of furniture requires a different treatment. As comfortable as the furniture may seem, the process of moving it may be more complicated. There is a completely different approach to transporting old furniture and transporting new furniture. Transporting standard and non-standard furniture, such as ultra-heavy furniture, carpentry kitchens, cabinets, wall cabinets or any other furniture

Moving Update offers you a professional furniture transport service throughout the country.

Furniture Moving This is a service provided by us in every type of transport such as moving apartments and moving offices. For your furniture transport, it is highly advisable to contact a company with experience and professionalism.

In the process of transporting furniture must be very careful and especially with the furniture made of glass. Moving professional furniture gives you peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of the furniture after transport.

Furniture transport includes, among other things, dismantling and assembling furniture, professional packaging to prevent damage during transportation, loading and unloading work and arranging the furniture in the new home or office.

Update Moving has gained extensive experience in furniture transport implementation. We have skilled and experienced professionals who know well the work of moving different types of furniture and without damages.

All types of furniture are packed in the best way, to get to their new place properly and without damage.

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